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Code of Conduct

With the idea of ​​maintaining a respectful environment during the game, we have drafted a series of rules of conduct, citizenship, safety and respect that we believe are basic.

Please take a moment to read them on our forums, as they are mandatory.

And please, do not take these rules as a joke because if it were necessary or necessary to apply them, do not be surprised.

As a basis... DO NOT Join our server if:

  • You don’t know how to play REALLY this game.
  • You want to play using BOTS.
  • You do not know how to play RETAIL servers.
  • You are looking for the server to be set to your liking and not as it should be.
  • You need items in order to play.
  • You don’t want a Long Term Game Play.
  • You haven’t read our Features.

That's all. Thank you and have fun!

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