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Code of Conduct

With the idea of ​​maintaining a respectful environment during the game, we have drafted a series of rules of conduct, citizenship, safety and respect that we believe are basic.

Please take a moment to read them on our forums, as they are mandatory.

And please, do not take these rules as a joke because if it were necessary or necessary to apply them, do not be surprised.

As a basis... DO NOT Join our server if:

  • You want to play only using BOTS
  • You are looking for the server to be set to your liking and not as it should be
  • You need items in order to play
  • You don’t want a Long Term Game Play
  • You haven’t read our Features and do not agree with them

So far so good?... then welcome to Retail gameplay again! Feel the game again as it was in its origins!

Register your account here to play for free now!

That's all. Thank you and have fun!

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