Auth: Online
Game: Online

Latency: 37 ms

Total Accounts: 100
Total Players: 162
Total Clans: 1
Total Alliances: 0

Playing now: 1
Played 24 hours ago: 7
Staff Online: 0
Staff 24 hours ago: 1
Server Rates
> Experience (EXP): 3x | Skill Points (SP): 3x
> Adena: 3x | Items Drop: 3x | Spoil: 3x
> Quest Experience (EXP): 3x
> Quest Skill Points (SP): 3x
> Quest Drop Items: 3x
> Quest Adena: 3x
> Additional Quest Multipliers: 3x
> Weight Limit: 1x
> Party Multiplier (EXP and SP): 1.5x
> Manor: 3x
> Raid Drop: 3x (Grand RaidBosses jewelry amount 1x)
> Hellbound Increase/Decrease: 3x
> Pets Experience (EXP): 3x
> Sin Eater Experience (EXP): 3x

Basic Configurations (Retail-Like)
> Buff Slots: 20 | Dance and Songs Slots: 12 and 12
> Auto Learn Skills: No; Forgotten and/or Divine Inspiration Autolearn: No
> Autoloot: No; Autoloot RaidBoss: No
> Sell and craft offline mode
> Vitality System
> Nevit's Blessing System, Nevit's Hourglass and Nevit's Herald System
> Champions System | Wedding System
> PcBang Points System | Lucky Pigs System
> High Five Treasure Chests System
> All Seven Signs Quest (12 Quests)
> Spawn Return System
> Pailaka Working
> Kamaloka Working
> Rim Kamaloka Working
> Elpies, Rabbits, Race events scheduled
> Fishing King Championship Tournament Event
> Kratei's Cube Event
> Aerial Cleft Event
> Enhanced Players Security with Secondary Auth Password
> Reboot by Maintenance (Every Wed. at 10:00 AM) Server Local Time
> High Ping Protection System
> Full Geodata & Pathnodes

> .expon and .expoff - Enable and disable EXP gain
> .teletocl - Teleports you near your clan leader
> .online - Show you in-game players
> .changepassword - Change the actual password by another one.
> .changeemail - Change the actual email by another one.
> .repair character name - Repair broken players.
> .store - Update player data (in case of emergency).
> .premium - Check your premium status.

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